This site allows local Windsorites to learn more about their local traffic in hopes to make the city a safer place. We found the best way to use the “Traffic” part of the City of Windsor’s OpenData API.

What it does

We allow users to access Windsor’s OpenData API and see the output from their entry.

How we built it

Harsh and I worked on the Frontend while Vidhi did Machine Learning through Python.

Challenges we ran into

We were not able to build the backend and integrate our predictive model with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning new stuff along the way and building something that can actually create impact. Also that we were not restricted to the problem statement and tried to explore new ideas to tackle traffic problems.

What we learned

All of us had different learning experiences like trying out some machine learning algorithms that haven't been implemented by us in the past, querying APIs, and working with Google Map API.

What's next for Windsor Traffic Data

We plan on using social media for better traffic predictions in the city. Since Google Map does not notify users of any accidents, other unforeseen traffic disrupting incidents we wish to leverage the power of social media such as Twitter to see if any such accident has occurred in the particular area by scraping out tweets from the past 24 hours in Windsor and further use a Classification Model to predict if the tweet reports some useful information.

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