Watching 'Better Retail' video from Showcode, Our team decided that there was potential ways to get users to spend on products. Our group saw the possibilities of improving engagement and interactivity between customers and retail brands.

What it does

The website allows users to buy items like any other online shopping website. However, once purchase is done, users are given points. The points are used as a entry fee to play minigames that are on the website. If users win, they may choose a reward. The rewards in our case are discount vouchers for several different items.

How we built it

We discussed which category we had ideas for. The group discussed and agreed upon a concept and talked about the finer details of the idea. Afterwards, we decided on which languages, tools and frameworks to use. We quickly assigned ourselves roles and started our project!

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints, trying to embed Unity game into the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having managed to implement some of the code for this website idea, not just the prototype designs.

What we learned

Not to under-estimate the time constraints of a Hackathon

What's next for Cyber-spies retail minigame website

Not discussed

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