We love to learn by doing, so we thought it would it would be fun for the children to learn about cyber security by trying to hack.

What it does

The children try to hack into a laptop, then a facebook account. In doing this, they learn to avoid common passwords, not to reuse passwords, and how to detect phishing emails.

How I built it

We built it using Python and used the Tk GUI toolkit - which none of us had used before. We also all learnt how to use GitHub for this.

Challenges I ran into

Having never used TKinter or GitHub, the learning curve was huge. None of us had coded as a group before either, and this was everyone's first hackathon. We had challenges at literally every stage, but we managed to overcome them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are all super proud of finishing the game, because we literally had no knowledge of TKinter or Github coming into this. For this to be our first group code project, we are all so proud to just get something functioning!

What I learned

Github, Tkinter, Teamwork! It is hard to overemphasize just how much we learnt.

What's next for Cyber Security Game

We'd like to add a few more graphics to improve the aesthetics of the game. We would also like to add a few more slides of explanation, and make it a bit longer so that it can teach a few more cyber security concepts.

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