We have common interest in telling a story through game and would like to develop some kind of puzzle game together. We brainstormed the idea and end up with doing the challenge from one of our sponsor about teaching K-12 kids. We wanted to make a fun and engaging game that would help middle and high school students to learn and practice with topics related to cyber-security and computer science and share our passion to children while playing game..

What it does

It allows the player to explore the different cyber-security concepts as they solve puzzles to exit the room.

It takes place in a room with different intractable stations. Each station is a computer, safe, or something similar and must be navigated using a command line built into the game. The player practices using some linux commands and solves puzzles related to cryptographic concepts. The player must use all the clues to figure out the final password and escape the room.

How we built it

We used Pygame to make the game. We researched cybersecurity concepts and translated them into puzzles to engage the students playing our game

Challenges we ran into

Making a terminal in the game that accepts broad input Lack of knowledge in cyber security topics

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fleshing out an idea in 24 hours with a brand new team in a topic we were not too comfortable in.

What we learned

How to convert educational topics into fun puzzles and other parts of our game How to make a terminal How to work with Pygame

What's next for cyber-security-escape-room

We see our game as a draft for a platform that can be used to educate all skill levels in cyber-security. There is also a lot of room for customization and for creating an online level creation and sharing app. For example, we could expand interest towards a wider age group starting from a younger age group and put more complexity to the game including more objects/devices in the room and more rooms to hack.

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