This year I got an email in my inbox saying that someone hacked into one of my passwords and I quickly changed the password. I was worried that this might happen again and I didn't want anyone to feel that there are highly vulnerable in cyberspace for our data. This incident made me create this website and this is just the start. My goal is to become a Cyber Security expert.

What it does

Choose your text file to be secured and it will encrypt & decrypt the text.

How we built it

I built my website so anyone can access it and if you choose the file you want to encrypt in your account then it will encrypt the text. If you want it to decrypt it after it is already encrypted then it will decrypt the text.

Challenges we ran into

  1. When I ran my code, I couldn't get the tables that maintain the user account and it is a basic requirement for what I am working on. Through debugging, I figured out that I had to run "flask db upgrade" to fix the bug.

  2. When I was running my file it automatically started encrypting and decrypting. I figured out that it is happening because the program crashes the first time and then restarts again. I find a fix by my making debug flag set to False.

  3. Initially, I used a static string to generate the AES key and learned to use a password to generate the AES key. It is a major functional improvement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I got the encryption and decryption to work so that anyone can give the website a text file and it will encrypt or decrypt it. Also, it gave me the motivation to continue to work on challenging cyberspace issues.

What we learned

I learned how to make a new page appear when they are logged in. Also, how to stop the encryption and decryption from repeating the same text over and over again.

What's next for Cyber Secure

I want to add the encryption and decryption code to a webpage that they have to be logged in to access the encrypted or decrypted code.

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