This is the project for supply chain.

#### The following commands are available:

  • Install the dependencies by running npm install.
  • Comment line 27 of ./node_modules/truffle-contract/contract.js.
  • Run the local network npm run truffle:develop.
  • To deploy the smart contracts to the blockchain: npm run truffle:migrate.
  • To run the frontend locally npm start.
  • Create a user account with the "Register" button of SupplyCore.
  • Add balance to the user accounts using Metamask or the truffle-develop command line, as follows:
  • Change the truffle-config.js and the app.configh.ts with your own blockchain network.
  • Get the address of an automatically generated truffle-develop wallet (e.g. 0x627306090abab3a6e1400e9345bc60c78a8bef57)
  • Get the address of the generated SupplyCore account ("address" field in "Identity.json") (e.g. 0xaaa1d134ad26de2636acdbb2fd6e524ea7ad551a)
  • Send funds from the former to the latter with "sendTransaction", like for example: web3.eth.sendTransaction({from: "0x627306090abab3a6e1400e9345bc60c78a8bef57", to: "0xaaa1d134ad26de2636acdbb2fd6e524ea7ad551a", value: web3.toWei("5", "ether")})
  • See package.json for more npm scripts.

#### In order to deploy the application to a server:

  1. Configure "app.config.custom.ts" and "truffle-config.custom.js" with your Ethereum/Quorum node information.
  2. Set IS_CUSTOM_NET to true in "app.config.ts".
  3. Run ACCOUNT_PASSWORD=node_account_pass npm run truffle:custom-deploy.
  4. Run npm run build-browser-release.
  5. Upload the directory platforms/browser/www/ to your web server.
  6. Open the URL pointing to your web server.

#### Migrations:

Each change of version where the smart contracts have been modified will be necessary to do a migration in order to keep the data.

#### Terms and conditions This project come with a default terms and conditions text. This text can be modified by adding HTML in the file src/pages/termsandconditions/termsandconditions.html or in src/assets/i18n/[language].json to the variable app.termsDescrition.

Licensed under the conditions of

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