Are you tired of reading your kids (or hypothetical kids) bedtime stories? Do you sometimes wish someone else could help? Look no further - Cyber Mom provides an interactive story to entertain children of all ages!

What it does

Using Amazon Alexa, the app periodically asks the user for a prompt, and uses that prompt to generate the rest of the story. The prompts are frequent enough to keep the user invested in the story, and to make sure it goes exactly as the user desires!

How we built it

The skill is hosted on a flask server. It uses a Tensorflow-based LSTM neural network for story generation, feeding in the prompts as they come.

Challenges we ran into

Training a neural network is loooong, so we had to wait a while between each test we ran before we could tweak our neural network. Also AWS instances have a curious case of disappearing GPU syndrome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to hook up the neural network with the alexa skill, and get all the NLP required for proper parsing of input working.

What we learned

Neural networks are not the easiest thing to implement when short on time and GPU power.

What's next for Cyber Mum


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