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We have more then 10 years of gamedevelopment and games were always our passion. We dream of making high quality crypto games You can suggest to play Your kids (most current cryptogames has mega high entry threshold, Your grandma wont make it).

What it does

The games genre is named "fight club": You see Your's and opponent's silhouettes divided into body parts. Selecting part of enemy You will choose attack target, and in Your's bodypart - what part to protect. If player has attacked protected part, there will be no damage. Each part has different amount of hit points and dodge chance, for instance - hitting head only one time will result in death, however it has 75% dodge chance and You may miss. Chest has much more hit points but only 10% dodge. So basically in game You have to guess where to attack and what to protect.

How we built it

Our NFTs gonna be our game characters, so to play the game You will have to own NFTs. In the beginning it will be only few thousands and the gamers who play the game gonna be in elite limited club. In the future the amount of in-game characters will increase but the first one will be the most elite. Game is build with Unity Engine. Current protype runs with WebGL. Our Discord community: link

What's next for Cyber Gothica

Our goal is to develop the game with classical F2P features like armor, spells, dungeons etc. The game should be playable with browser (to avoid Apple iPhone limitations) with enemy device. We plan to add possibility to make game playable for non-crypto people as well (so they will addict to gameplay and become one of us). We dream one day it will be great experience for millions of players. Eventually, we plan to create a platform, where people will be able to create their adventures, tournaments, guilds, story campaigns, and even sell tickets to their worlds and mini-games.

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