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Learn Latest Cyber Security Issues Using Your Visual Cortex with EEG Brain Control VR Training Game

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What's next for Cyber Dominance EEG BMI BCI VR MilTech Training

Cyber Dominance EEG BMI BCI VR MilTech Cybersecurity Training

Armed Forces First Gaming Simulation Jam Orlando Fl 2021

make pitch deck visual w pics of products and use cases

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Team Members

Cliff Baldridge Concept Creator, Producer, Product Manager, 3D Modeling Animation, AI ML TTS, Voice2Face 3D, Omniverse, Unity, Unreal, Hardware. Unity, Unreal and omniverse Developer. C#, Blueprints, Pitch Deck, Devpost Pitch, Graphics, Presentaion Video and Live.

Kendra Kennedy Team leader, Software Engineer, Unity Developer, 3D Scene Creator in Unity, C#,

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Learn Latest Cyber Security Issues Using Your Visual Cortex with EEG Brain Control VR Training Game

Help Soldiers Defeat Cyber Threats with Innovative VR Training Train Soldiers Brains with EEG Real-Time Brainwave Non-invasive Headsets, Gather RT BW Data, Use for PTSD Calm, Focus, Use for Motor Imagery Training Triggers Synthetic Telekenisis, Connect to Spotify to help Soldiers gain Peak Performance via Music Playlist that Real-Time BW enhances and feeds them.

Built With the following Software, Hardware, Tools and Platforms

  • NextMind EEG BMI BCI Noninvasive Synthetic Telekenisis Telepathy Visual Cortex Heaset used as Triggers for projects for desktop and VR Oculus Quest 2 VR Game using the mind only to learn about the latest urgent cybersecurity topics. Planned Project is one scene of 3D Model of Soldier, TTS Text To Speech of Cyber Threat, Visual of Threat and Definition / how to be safe. WHen User looks at icon in front of soldier with the threat explanation and focuses on the trigger image the eeg headset will trigger a Unity trigger via the users visual cortex which will turn on the Text To Speech Recording so we get mp4 audio and we are planning a particle effect in Unity to animate on target hit. We will then expand on Unity project with hopes to get Desktop sample and VR APK running today

Ultimate goal is to get 5 scenes of above in a circle in VR and as user peers around from the center of the circle in Oculus Quest 2 VR they will trigger the audio and animations of each as a fun Cyber Learning Training for Safety.

  • Neurosity Crown EEG BMI BCI Noninvasive Synthetic Telepathy we simulataneously uae a second EEG headset prototype which gives very detailed real-time brainwave visualization data output stream to cloud private encrypted cloud server so we can capture Soldier EEG data. Then we have 2 Real-Time Statistics where user can Focus on the Screen and also Focus and Practice being Calm and that is monitored for Peak productivity as well as PTSD for Soldiers and Vets. All Brainwaves can be captured for future AI ML Neural Transfer say to Robot and for future Synthetic Telepathy and Synthetic Telekenesis. It also provides a timeline chart like Github on the users focus and calm statistics of performace. There are circle and bar graphs to practice the calm and focus in real time. In addition I have a Spotify API attached and integrated where the user can put the EEG headset on and then can turn on API to start to play a particular genre of music and then as the brainwaves are recorded in real-time a recommendation is created through Spotify API which then categorizes the brainwaves into the tempo and other categories of music of a song and then it will recommend in real-time the next songs the user will enjoy as well as make them strong and for peak performance as it taps into the real-time brainwaves and numersous categories to pick the correct music specifically for the user.

  • Nvidia Omniverse Doing the 3D Model assets and collaborating remote I am using Nvidia Omniverse and Nucleus Server, a connector allows me to connect with Team member in order to open a GPU metaverse wher we can both create simulataneously in the same USD File 3D Scene and connect any DCC together for real-time Metaverse 3D collaboration. Using Omniveee Create, Machinima, Cache, Nucleus Server, Unreal Connector, Adobe Photoshop Connector. We also did a test of AI Voice 2 Face which puts voice TTS to the visual speaking of a 3D model and working on integration.

For extra prize entry one of the military vehicles for the project was turned into a 3D drivable car in AI Machine Learning in Nvidia Omniverse and also another scene has a second different example of cutting edge robotics and a drivable AI ML Car that is Autonomous a Truck for The Military.

NextMind is connected to Unity platform on Mac and Windows. Working best on Mac with Bluetooth pop up on Play in Unity. They only have a Unity Plugin. The plan is to demo at least one scene with one Soldier and Lesoon Trigger in Desktop on Unity and or in VR Live at Presentation. We have Desktop working now and finshing Oculus VR package and upload.

Neurosity is connected to Window using a Private EEG Visualization Data Cloud.

  • Unreal Engine is being used for 3D asset creation, lighting, materials and to move into the Omniverse with Nucleus Server via USD.

Photoshop and GIMP for Texures ADB Android Bridge for APK file side loading into Oculus VR Developer Store

Since the project is in Unity after the VR Version in Oculus it is a future proofed training program and have Hololens 2, Magic Leap and Nreal Sampes packaged as APKs for further developmen for Mixed Reality Glasses.

C#, Unity scripting, UPM.

  • Lastly I do Intel AI ML Edge Real-Time Inference with Intel RealSense Infared Depth Seonsor Camera attached and I have a proposal for the Ship Collision A=voidence system when you are ready. I discussed this with someone a couple yrs ago at Intel in LA for the OpenVino SDK AI ML Pre-Trained model Real-Time inference Computer Vision and I have a project for you ready to get funeded to do large and all size ship collision avoidence and also a Machine Learning Data set of all saa animals being gathered now by associate.

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