Humans are social creatures. We need interaction to thrive, but interaction is hard to come by while holed-up.

Like other students, quarantine has made us feel extremely disconnected from our college community. We wanted to create a way for students to connect with others and recreate an on-campus feeling as best we could.

What it does

Right now, students are able to access Swarthmore College's main campus. You can walk around, explore, talk and listen to other people.

How we built it

We used Phaser.js as our game engine, node for our server, and mostly vanilla js (some jQuery for modal stuff) for the UI.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding how Phaser works took a bit of time, but once we got the basics, we ran with them!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a functioning world where you can walk around and talk to others on the map. You can listen to calm, peaceful sounds of nature while you do it :)

What we learned

We learned that game development requires a lot of logical-reasoning. In some web apps, you might request data from an api and that's about all the hard-thinking you have to do. Here, we had to put quite a bit of thought into how different elements interact with each other.

What's next for Cyber Campus

Cyber Campus can be expanded to feature many/all other schools in the world. Not only that, but, with a slight name change, we can feature various non-college-related pieces of the world, such as local parks. This is a bit far away from now, but it can definitely be accomplished :)

Thanks for checking out our story!

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