the smart contract

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What it is

The framework for self-organized events based on Ethereum smart contract with integrated economic game.

This framework helps to automate event management process, solve the problem of initial funding and helps to involve speakers to organisational process.

Initial funding

The idea is to sell 50% of tickets at early adopters stage with minimal guaranted price. It helps org's to raise initial funds for event set-up using economic game.

Buying tickets at the early-adopters stage guarantees buyers minimal ticket price. Even if they will not be able to attend, they can just sell ticket for the price - it'll be higher for sure.

Speakers involvement

Event success mostly depends on content. Content created by speakers. The idea it to share event revenue between organisers and speakers.

To motivate speakers to attend as early as possible, distribution of shares changes in time. The earlier you apply as a speaker, the more ETH you gonna gain at the end.


The main idea is to decentralize event management process. Such as set up venue, submitting speaker and so on. This is the first step of global event DAO creation.

The framework provides the opportunity to set up zero-funded events excluding any sponsors and investors funding.

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