Low staff morale hinders productivity and growth. Positive team spirit creates magic.

What it does

It allows passengers express gratitude/ positive comments towards front-line staff, as well as for internal staff to do the same among each other.

We hope to create a ‘high-five culture’, aka healthy and positive company culture, a culture that is slow to judge and blame, quick to listen and appreciate, which is essential in producing high-performing teams, driving high employee engagement, turning pressure into motivation, empowering all levels of workforce, as well as creating a sense of belonging. We believe that an affirming culture not only lowers turnover rate and enhance customer satisfaction, but we also believe the fact that in order to breed loyal customers, loyal and happy staff is the key

How I built it

React, Python, Ruby on Rails, Django Channel Websocket

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1st Runner-up Cathay Pacific Hackathon

What I learned

Understanding business needs and having great team is the key to success

What's next for CX Tribute

Plan to create more features and potentially launching it for beta testing

Built With

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