The SIS portal at my school is slow so it is inconvenience when you only have to simply look up some class

What it does

Therefore, I just crawl all of classes data from the school and integrate with MongoDB and Elastic Search to make a full-text search engine. So that student can have a more convenience apps to only look for class

How we built it

 With MongoDB, Python-Scrapy and Elastic Search(also deployed on Google Cloud)

Challenges we ran into

 The Data takes really long to learn and clean, and my computer is week. And most of technology/framework I use is new so there was not a lot of documentations for it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We know that we make something that will affecting positively on user and easy to scale up    

What we learned

Full-stack development of a software from scratch to font end and deployed

What's next for CWRU Full-Text Class Search

I will try to include more options and data like professors rating.

Built With

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