C World is a platform where any brand that wants to promote a marketing campaign is able to properly reward creators that are actually making the difference. Regardless of country, ethnicity, beliefs, and numbers of followers.

When our AI finds a match between a post/video with your campaign, we send a message to that creator letting him know that he can claim CELO DOLLARS on our platform. He simply needs to follow the link, connect his wallet and receive his cUSD. The amount of cUSD that each creator can receive, will be calculated by the total engagement rate that his post has. This guarantees that brands actually reward the ones that can bring more to the campaign.

When all that is done you can just relax knowing that your company is properly rewarding people that are willing to engage with your brand, and helping to grow a more decentralized and democratic creators community.

As a bonus, by receiving payments through a stable and trustworthy currency, we open the possibility to gather new users to the cryptocurrency world and CELO network.

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