Climate experts of the Global Carbon Project predict a 5% reduction in global carbon emissions in 2020


Though lockdowns due to COVID-19 helped us see in reality the achievable difference in carbon emissions, without structural changes in policy, these improvements are bound to be short-lived. Now that we know that living a more sustainable life is doable, giving people the required data can help them cut-down on non-essential activities that have a major impact on the environment. While CO2-emissions are a key factor, we believe that depletion of freshwater sources is also a major factor that needs to be considered.

Our Solution:

Develop an index net of CO2-emissions and freshwater-consumption throughout the life-cycle of a product/service. Life-cycle → Extraction/procurement of raw materials, production and packaging, transport to end-user, use and service, and end-of-life. At each of these steps, the industry tracks the index and reports to the next user (another industry/consumer). We envisage it to be a number clearly indicated on the packaging, ticket, proposal, etc. based on which the end-user can then make an informed choice before buying a product or using a service.

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