A friend in court is better than a penny in purse

All around the world students are open to new challenges. They travel together to gain insights and broaden horizons. Although, they are limited in the budget. Thus, unwise budget allocation might become an obstacle for the next shift.

In order to make best out of each cent mutual funds for students were tested. Mutual funds for students are developed to straighten trust and to increase financial literacy. When students are on vacation they might be influenced by marketing campaigns and spend money irrationally. If a group has one budget planned in advances and shared between the group equally money turns from a limit to a tool.

Many hands make light work

cVshion helps students to plan their budget together in advance, allocate funds and take decisions for the whole group. Students plan their leisure time together and assign expenses ranging from transportation to beverages. cVshion makes sure that every expense is covered. It recommends best options and group discounts from the partner network.

When expenses are agreed and recorded, each team member takes responsibility for arranging things. A new account is created to merge members' budget via bank transfer being processed via a unique link. cVshion helps to manage bank accounts via creating a mutual fund. Each group member has an access to the part he or she is charge of.

Sharepoly: take an advantage from the financial synergy

According to financial theory mutual funds are less risky and more stable. If the logic is applied to student budget, the magic happens. Students don't waste their money, they're covered and the trust among members is high that makes the leisure time more valuable.

Challenges to solve challenges

In the startup world APIs can boost the project and the company that opens access to developer tools. Unfortunately, banking industry is not willing to share their data, the work is in progress though.

cVshion is The Cushion

cVshion is expected to be shared among students and will become a powerful retention tool for banks to help the youth in managing their budget. Sharing economy increases financial capabilities and trust in the network members.

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