Inspiration There were number of companies that has to go through number of CVs/ Portfolio in order to select rightful candidate for the respective post which was time consuming.

What it does It analyzes and lists the top 10 eligible candidates on the basis of CV/Portfolio.It analyzes three major part ie. education, qualification and skill.

How I built it I've used Django as a framework and all the backend has been coded in Python and Javascript.

Challenges I ran into There were less amount of CVs available to train the machine and get the approximate data. Since, I was new to these things I also had problem building a logic on how to handle the CVs, how to build a parser to parse a data etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of This was my major project in my college. I had numerous doubt if I'll be able to do it or not but atlast I was able to complete despite of many challenges faced on the way.

What I learned During building a system, I had to research alot about Machine Learning, Data Handling, Natural Language Processing. So these results were fruitful to what I learned/ acheived.

What's next for CV-Ranking-Using-Cosine-Similarity I would love it to handle different CVs format and provide an accurate data. :)

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