We are inspired by childhood mobile games and innovative machine learning techniques.

What it does

In this game, the player uses their hands to control the basket in order to catch cute animals falling from the sky. If the player raises their left hand, the basket moves to the left. If the player raises their right hand, the basket moves to the right accordingly. If the player raises both hands, the basket stops moving. Every time an animal is caught, a sound unique to that animal is played. With each turn, the player has three lives, which means it is game over if they fail to catch three animals.

How we built it

We implemented machine learning, in particular, computer vision in this program. We used Mediapipe module and Pygame framework. In the process of developing this program, we watched many tutorials on Youtube, read documentation about Mediapipe and Pygame, learned from the communities on Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, Geeks for Geeks, etc.

Challenges we ran into

As lower-level college students, we are inexperienced with machine learning and game development. This is also our first hackathon. We encountered a lot of troubles, especially with understanding complex machine learning modules. Additionally, incorporating machine learning in game is a difficult task for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked together as a team to finish developing a game in 24 hours. Participated in our first hackathon Learned new techniques in machine learning and game development

What we learned

Basic features of Mediapipe and Pygame How to work in a team, teach and learn from each other at the same time Step out of our comfort zone, try out techniques we have not seen before, develop a game for the first time

What's next for Cuties Catcher

Create a vertical looping background Make animals in the program fall according to the beats of a song Enhance program latency and improve the accuracy of hand tracking

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