We were inspired by our love for robotics.

What it does

The Cutie Kicker has an on-board Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi has a camera that detects cuties. See the Cutie Kicker in action here:

How we built it

The robot was constructed on an RC car chassis, and the components were mounted on a wooden platform. A motor driver was constructed on a breadboard and mounted onto the robot. We learned how to construct the motor driver through YouTube videos and data sheets. The Arduino communicated with the Raspberry Pi to control the motors when a cutie was spotted by the front-mounted camera. The camera used color detection to decide if it was a cutie and where in the frame it was. The cutie-kicker was mounted on the front edge of the platform and driven by a servo motor.

Challenges we ran into

First, we had several different motors and ideas to create the chassis of the robot. We ended up using a gutted-out RC car to save time, unfortunately, this RC car was so bad, that it couldn't supply enough torque to accelerate the RC car from rest. We also ran into problems with power electronics and electric drives for the motors. We have never used a Raspberry Pi before. Moreover, we had never programmed in python. Even moreover, we had never used Open CV as means for Computer Vision. One of the major problems we ran into was a critical error due to some Linux operations that are still beyond us. To fix this, we had to practically destroy the camera resolution and frame rate. We also spent hours 3D printing a part that the printer messed up. We also had some trouble generating the right amount of voltage for separate components of the robot. To fix this, we put power supplies in series and tapped into the different layers as needed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a robot out of components that we had literally no experience with.

What we learned

We learned about trade-offs, the design process, and the individual skills that taught ourselves on-the-go.

What's next for Cutie Kicker

Retirement. Eternally.

Built With

  • c
  • computer-vision
  • embedded-systems
  • power-electronics
  • python
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