Mother Gaea cries. Her oceans filled with appliances thrown out by man, who scoffs at nature. Throwing appliances away destroys our land. We propose modern microcontrollers will eliminate the need to dispose of our antique coffee makers as we hack them into the technology of the future.

What it does

A simple 15 dollar coffee maker is now: twitter enabled, has a full linux operating system, has a web based activation and deactiviation, automatic shutoff, a history of data analytics viewed live through the glory of the internet.

How we built it

8 hours of setting up raspi 16 hours codding the dank

Challenges we ran into

how do transistors work, qc 410c only 1.8v out

Accomplishments that we're proud of

at the flick of a man's finger coffee flows with baroque grace and unfettered power.

What we learned

a vague understanding of transistors.

What's next for #cute_coffee_boi

a coffee maker with the power to move your heart #kawaii

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