When we arrived at MHacks, we had a problem of finding other team members with similar interest to collaborate wih. We tried emailing several contacts from the shared Google Docx; but the lack of response prompted us and presumably, many others to take other measures. Some of us went up to hackers after hackers, trying to find the people sharing similar interests, other resorted to shouting while standing at a vantage point. Witnessing this problem first hand, and feeling inspired by the idea behind MHacks, we decided to do something about it, and consequently created Cut -Short. Cut-Short is an application built for people to collaborate better at Hackathons. After identifying oneself through LinkedIn API, hackers can use the Team Finder feature to find, create and modify team members based on technology interests. The Geo-fence built around UofM also allows a much faster registration process. Cut-short also has a Hacker Wall which allows hackers to discuss with, share with and mentor each other based on specific technology.

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