None of the team had ever developed for virtual reality, so we decided that it would be fun to use hardware to try something totally new. We also based our game on Fruit Ninja, although it may not entirely correct.

How it works

You use the Myo armband to control a sword to cut white cylindrical objects, all on a virtual world in Oculus. The objective is to cut down as many objects as possible. However, when you miss three objects, you lose the game.

Challenges I ran into

We all have macs. :)

Also, the lack of experience with Myo, Leapmotion, and Oculus was a bit difficult to overcome. Leapmotion was also very glitchy, so when we were over halfway through the hackathon, we had to switch to a completely different piece of hardware.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How we managed to make a project from no experience at the beginning of this hackathon, and how we managed to integrate Unity, Myo and Oculus all together.

What I learned

How Oculus and Myo hardware works, and that it really is amazing to try new things.

What's next for Cut

Make it actually work well on the Oculus, and UI improvements.

Built With

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