Signatures are important

With the development of computer technique, people is doing less and less handwriting now

But there is still one thing we could't avoid to write almost everyday - name.

A personalized and fancy signature can help you make impression on others.

It's also a tool to build your confidence.

So let's get impressive signature within just 30 seconds.

What it does

Customize signature for user automatically. Generate signs in beautiful and personalized style for users.

How I built it

js, html/css, some framework like jquery, bootstrap and mostly my personal css style sheet.

Challenges I ran into

Solo work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Build most css style by myself. Build entire web without using much API. I think there is not any web app are doing the same function, so it's quite fresh idea.

What's next for CustSign

  • More fancy font
  • Less bias
  • Machine learning analysis
  • More personalized
  • E-signature
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