CustomWindows is a java library that allows developers to create specially customized JFrame's for their java applications. Instead of having to use the default design of a JFrame, the user can choose from a number of different window themes, or even extend the library's classes to create their own, unique themes.

The user can choose what kinds of title bars to use for their windows as well as change the color of the title bar and content area of the window. It is up to the developer to decide how he/she wants to mix and match the different themes and colors to create their own custom window.

Future of CustomWindows

In the near future, I plan on improving CustomWindows to allow for easier customization of windows as well as improving the layout of other GUI elements on the screen. I also plan on adding more themes that users can choose from if they do not want to create their own.

  • Year: 2016
  • Language: Java
  • Programmer: Adeola Uthman

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