Jennifer works at C.H. Robinson, the largest third-party logistics provider in North America and have experienced customs delays of truck drivers.

What it does

Uses block chain to reduce customs clearance delays at the border

How we built it

We built our mockups on Azure and used HTML, CSS for the styling. We learned about how Ontology could help create smart contracts. We learned about how NEM could help with customs document verification using transaction hash. We learned about how XYO could help with tracking of shipments. We would build a bridge among these three blockchains for the platforms to work together.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned about how different platforms could be integrated together. We understood the funding process behind blockchain tech for government.

What we learned

Applications and the limitations of block chain Blockchain technology using REST API

What's next for Customs Speed

Use automated KIOSKs(use AI) to assist customs/border patrol for smooth clearance

Built With

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