This execution is centered around the idea of letting users quickly scan the trail data for the information that is important to them to easily find trials they can consider for participation. The design execution provides a quick scan for pertinent patient data at a high level as well as allow the user to explore any specific section in detail by expanding the selected sections. The design focuses on bringing hierarchy to the data that would be of interest specifically to Patients and Caregivers.

The interface also allows the user to sort the groupings of data as they see fits, allowing them to order the trial information based on browsing preferences. This could be achieved through use of modern browser capabilities (CSS/HTML & Javascript) as well as saving data through the use or locally stored cookies or user registration. As users come to the site their previous settings of how the data is sorted can be saved to help them search for criteria as they see the need specific to their stage of searching for trials.

Key Functionality Includes: • Ability to sort the order of the sections of the trial per their preference (location, enrollment, eligibility, etc.) • Save results in a list of favorites for future reference • Share trial information (functionality targeted for caregivers) • Sign up for alerts for updates to the trial information

Technical Design Considerations: • Use of open source google Web font Titillium Web (full font family with weights needed for large amounts of text based content) • Based on the 960px design grid (can easily adjust columns widths for a responsive design execution for multiple screen resolutions) • Design can be executed with no use of Graphics for optimal load times (css and html design execution) • Design can easily be modified to add new content sections or design refinements in the future. • Capable of being developed for Section 508 compliance per government funded IT compliance.

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