Food allergies can be severely restricting and really dangerous. What if you knew exactly what you can order in a restaurant at just a tap of your cell phone. Since restaurants are increasingly turning to tablets to share their menus with users, it is the right time for consumers to make full use of this to make quick, informed and safe decision about their next meal.

What it does

The project is a set of 2 android apps. One built to be used by the restaurants and other to be used by the users.The restaurant version of the app is the one where the restaurant will enter the menu items and ingredients of every item. The user version of the app will be present on the user's device and the user just has to tap the device on the restaurant's device and menu will be transferred to the user's device and all the items that the user is allergic to will be removed from the menu and a customized version of menu will be displayed on user's device. This makes choosing the next meal a lot simpler, easier and safer.

How I built it

We used Epic apis to get patient information and also to get allergic information for that patient. On first install of the app, the user is asked details about himself; the details include FirstName, Given Name, Address, Gender, Telephone Number ad BirthDate. These fields are used to fetch the user's unique id which is then used to fetch the allergic information for the user. The user app is independent of the restaurant app, thus the app will work with every restaurant which can provide the information in a particular format. The android apps currently exchange data(menu) using NFC. Since the user's information never leaves the user's cellphone, their is no risk of information leakage.

Challenges I ran into

All of the team members had little experience developing android applications, thus there were a lot of stumbling blocks on the way. Those were mainly centered around NFC.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to address a fairly common problem using means readily available to the users. Additionally,We were able to build a working set of proof-of-concept android apps in about 30 hours while gaining valuable experience and insights into how applications are developed.

What I learned

We learned the kind of data available in healthcare domain.

What's next for Customiz Menus

We plan to extend the application to include Bar Codes scanning, which will enable a user to scan any product and verify if the ingredients of that product are safe for his consumption. Additionally, the app can be extended to included dislikes/preferences and not just allergies to make the menu even more customized to your preferences.

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