As an Atlassian consultant, I'd love to carve customer's processes out on the Atlassian platform. This enables teams to be on the same page and even connect with teams that used to be disconnected with different systems and ways of working. Bringing the variety of customisations empowered by the open API is key in making Jira the center of the whole #digitaltransformation movement.

Going to the cloud, we see that many small but useful apps are missing: having to set-up and pay for the whole hosting infrastructure makes it impossible to let open source solutions thrive on the cloud platform. When Atlassian announced Forge, this seems like a whole new beginning, making place for a whole new category of apps. When the Customfield module was added to Forge, it became clear that there was an opportunity that could be seized!

What it does

Installing the app will grant you new custom fields that can be used in your Jira instance:

  • Traffic Light Status: turns a red, amber or green status into a visual traffic light, ready to spice up some managerial processes
  • Amount: Start with a number and apply the typical currency formatting, making it immediately clear what the value stands for

How I built it

Getting started with Forge was a blast, following the tutorial got me started in no-time with the CLI and I created my project in my IDE of choice, IntelliJ. The nice part is that this is a very simple one to implement, using only basic Javascript without any additional modules .

Challenges I ran into

Since the platform is young and rapidly evolving, things are not yet available or in heavy flux. Because Forge is built with a structure very similar to React, it is tempting to re-use React components - which don't work obviously :-) The biggest hurdle was getting static resources in the app, in the end I settled with building svg inline. Unfortunately the auto-margin coming with the image-module can't be changed, leading the the traffic light being out of order. Hopefully in a later version, it is allowed to align those to the left as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to build such additions with so few lines of code.

What I learned

I learned working with Forge, the ins, outs and possibilities out there for future product-building

What's next for Customfield Pack

This should be a start, not an ending. When Forge opens up, hopefully there will be a free tier for open source components. This would allow apps like this to be sponsored development with free (as in included in your subscription) hosting.

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