CustomerPath connects real world analytics with your existing Salesforce POS and CRM data to microtarget users.

Through SDKs integrated in the customer apps, CustomerPath enables you to observe customer behavior inside your store or venue and leverage Salesforce to understand your customer base through real-time actionable real-life metrics including:

*Real-life bounce rate *Customer's time spent in-store *Real-time hyperlocatilized promotions in-store *Non-returning customer reengagement *In-store cart abandonment patterns *User segmenation by aisle *Integrate our SDK into your existing apps *Connect with your existing Saleforce data

============ Source Code Links: backend: sdk and demo data collector: heroku based data logger: marketing site:

=============== NOTE:

If selected, as finalists we would like to demo a working setup on stage with two hardware iBeacons tracking a users movement and out iPad Web app showing the analytics updating in real time. Thanks

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