Customer needed to check their customs Web Services, sending values and validating its output, this is a critical operation for their everyday operations.

What it does

Consume a SOAP or RestAPI Web Service sending specific values and waiting for the response, it check that the values are into a expected values list and return its validation to Foglight.

How I built it

Using C# and creating a custom cartridge to integrate to Foglight

Challenges I ran into

Consume WebService with specific security specifications and separate this validation from Foglight.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Send data in real Time to show it in the customer dashboard, without any extra concern for them

What I learned

Submit data to Foglight in specific format and build custom dashboard, Rules and Tresholds for them.

What's next for Customer Web Service Check

Make an easy maintenance way to let the customer to change WS values without need of support.

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