While providing customer support the customer send mails. Then the mails have to be added to the board item and reply using the other mail clients (gmail/outlook).

What it does

This app allow user to provide customer support for user with out leaving Currently there are two integrations Gmail and Outlook.

How I built it

The backend was built using php and mysql. The frontend was built using vuejs. The gmail rest api and Microsoft graph api are used along with graphql api.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into many challenges and forget it everything.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished at time.

What I learned

I learned how to use how to make app for it. I learned gmail api, outlook api, api.

What's next for Customer Support App For Monday

Add support for many other chat providers (facebook, telegram, ...). The big current limitation is one board can contain only one chat provider account (eg. gmail or outlook). So update it to support many chat providers per board.

Testing Instructions

  1. Add App to the account
  2. Add an integration 2a. Authorize (first time only) 2b. Select account (Gmail/Outlook). Outlook integration doesn't support add/remove label. 2c. Authorize the selected account (first time only) (Gmail shows unverified app page since the app is not verified by google. Ignore it and continue)
  3. Add the customer chat view in item view.
  4. Select chat id field and email id field from settings. Owner field is optional.
  5. Send mail to the linked email. It will be added as the item in the board.
  6. Reply using the customer chat view.
  7. It will work according to the integrations set..

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