I (Ouissal Moumou) had an internship experience where I automated sending product data in batches using the Facebook Marketing API, and I was impressed by how the API is doing a good linking job. Since I was working with the marketing team (despite being in the engineering team), I had access to the social media accounts of the company, and I noticed how the manual customer service was inefficient. It is just recently that I learned about from this competition, and where I gathered all these ideas to make a Messenger bot that uses the Facebook Marketing API to suggest products and answer customers' inquiries. I also suggested the idea to my brother, and he was super excited to turn this idea into a project.

What it does

The customer service bot is a messenger chatbot that answers customers' questions using that data available in the Facebook catalog of the company.

How we built it

To build the messenger chatbot, we created a new application to handle the NLP part of the project. Then we created a NodeJS application and host it on Glitch. This app serves as a bridge between the messenger app,, and the Facebook catalog. This app also contains the functions that return responses depending on the intent detected by

Built With

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