I built a bot for my company but people didn't really use it much because it had limitations to how many question it can respond to.

What it does

It helps developers or bot owners, train their bots

How I built it

The application is built using Nodejs

Challenges I ran into

  • Getting slack-data using the claudiajs bot builder library. I had to modify it and publish it under a new npm package (claudia-bot-builder-fork)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Being able to connect Facebook messenger and slack
  • Being able to serve an entire site from aws lambda

What I learned

  • How to properly use IAM user credentials
  • Claudiajs deployment tool
  • How to store and retrieve information from Dynamodb.

What's next for Human assisted bot

  • Build a live chat widget that will be partially robotic and partially human


Chat bots don’t always know the right answer to give to users. However, they are good at learning, i.e. if you provided them with the answer to the asked question, they will always respond correctly to the users.


So, we are creating a system called Human assisted bot.

A Bot monitoring tool that will capture user questions to the bot and send them to a slack channel. Any time, the bot does not have an answer, it will ping a human in slack and then the human will provide the answer to the bot. In turn, the bot will respond to the user.

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posted an update

Created an widget which will send request to the Bot . This bot is made in Python and use chatterbot to do chatting.It uses its own logic adapter to train and give results. In order to communicate them from web created widget.

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