Working within the military, our developers have experienced IT obstacles and deficiencies from first hand experience in the user process. Whenever large enterprise environments are implemented, the end user becomes obfuscated; we hope to eliminate that disconnection through the use of Microsoft Forms and Azure. Our team within the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy have created a self-reporting system for end users in an Azure environment.

What it does

When an end user feels there is something not quite right with their Information Security experience, they can self-report and request response from a team that is listening to their feedback. This data is fed into Azure Sentinel to create incident tickets and display statistics for administrator review.

How we built it

Before Azure Sentinel, our first task was to create a Microsoft Form wherein users could detail their concerns and experiences to include requesting contact with the information security team. This organizationally available Form will then feed responses into our Azure Sentinel analytics space to include a tracking system and Workbook for critical incidents and response requests for individual users.

Challenges we ran into

Creating workbooks and logic apps are sometimes restricted to organizational accounts. This restriction may prohibit outside users from implementing the solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of my teammates endeavoring to put forth their individual competencies to learn more about Incident Creation Rules, KQL Queries, and Workbook creation. We decided that incidents should be created based on certain criteria from our responses, and created an incident query line based on analytic rules.

What We learned

KQL is a language that we learned together in order streamline our solution; after multiple conferences to create a more readable environment for our solution platform, we were finally able to navigate the language with fluency.

What's next for our Customer Incident Report Solution

Our next step is to create a domain environment to test individual user response against assignment of incident tickets.

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