Inspiration –

Enabling technology to help people to be safe and productive in post Covid era

What it does -

Enable Physical Access keeping in mind of workplace safety, Empower a remote workforce to work digitally and safely develop client relationships, Allowing a customer to talk to a virtual service representative instead of just waiting

How we built it -

The solution is envisaged to empower banks to create highly differentiated virtual banking experiences with technology plug-ins. We built the application on top of Pega CS 8.4 framework for Financial Services and augmented omnichannel experience by implementing

  1. Voice Bot with Google Assistance - We created Google Home dialogue flow project to define the intent, text analytics & extraction logic. The dialogue flow once invoked via Google Assistance voice bot, interacts with Pega API services exposed to return desired outcome through question & answer.
  2. Microsoft Teams to enable video conferencing channel: We enabled the video channel through MS teams and integrated the solution with Web Chatbot & PegaChat, seamlessly respond to the complete digital needs of consumers. We have leveraged U+ Bank demo application for retail bank and enabled Web ChatBot through mashup. The ChatBot transfers interaction to a financial advisor of the bank through PegaChat using OOTB configuration. Video channel in launched as a service request from Customer 360 unlike Co-Browse and leverage Microsoft Teams Graph API 1.0 to create online meeting object and fetch the meeting URL for both customer & financial advisor to seamlessly have face to face meeting.
  3. QR code based Physical Access: We have created a new case type for enabling customer scheduling appointment through Self-Service portal of U+ bank through Web Mashup to limit the physical access to safe deposit boxes or for any other reason. It collects data from Customer on available time-slots on a given day and generates QR code which can be used for an entry to the bank

Challenges we ran into -

The solution embraces technology plug-ins for Google Assistance & Microsoft teams and there were challenges in identifying the right API for the need. However one typical technical challenge we faced while transferring the interaction from Web ChatBot to PegaChat. Although we used OOTB configuration to enable web chatbot to support Live chat, the seamless hand-off between chatbot and PegaChat did not work because it was not getting the desired URL for PegaChat. We realized after quite a lot of tracing that the OOTB code was expecting the customer URL but there was no place to provide the URL or configuration in the web chat configuration from the self-service portal. We had to explicitly fetch the URL from the PegaChat configuration and set it in the data transform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We have successfully added the most important channel (video with MS Teams) with Pega Customer Service in post Covid-19 context where any back office employee like Financial Advisor for Bank, Insurance Agent for Insurance company etc can able to conduct face-to face chat/meeting along with the customer 360 degree view to personalise the interaction
  2. This additional channel (can also be extended for other Video calling software) can be leveraged for any domain solution to engage customer 1:1 with a true digital omnichannel experience
  3. Cloud based platform and API based integration architecture helps in quick configuration with minimum effort and fast adoption in consumer community

What we learned -

  1. One of our major learning was how to leverage Google Dialogue flow to configure intents, text extraction and how to invoke REST API to call services in Pega. We studied both options of Action SDK & Dialogue flow and learned that Dialogue flow was better option as being hosted in cloud and also easier to configure. Also we learned lot around text extraction how google treats extracted data as text vs numbers etc.

  2. Another learning was on the access token policy for MS Teams where we had to go through different grant type options and find the best one suitable for the integration. For example, using grant_type as "access_code" would require security challenge to the user, "client_credentials" would have restricted access to few API calls like onlineMeeting etc.

What's next for Customer Experience –

Shifting towards new normal – “Digitize the physical and humanize the digital"

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