Custom field types are one of the most popular and most asked features in the Atlassian community. Our daily work with Atlassian customers worldwide inspired me to build the most extensive Custom Field Suite and release it on the Atlassian marketplace. I have collected all use cases, created a considerable roadmap and started with simple custom fields. When we realized that the Forge team released the option to create custom field types with custom UI, the decision was simple. Let's do it for Codegeist.

What it does

With Custom Field Suite, it is possible to create different custom field types and customize them for various projects and issues types.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was the lack of time because we had seen the changelog five days before the deadline. We stopped the current Sprint and put all development resources to finish the app and participate on Codegeist. Even if it is BETA, Atlassian API and documentation worked perfectly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to be a part of the "Forge family" and have built such a great app quickly. We are also proud that we will fulfil some of our customer's requirements. We can't wait to hear their feedback after we release it on Marketplace.

What we learned

We learned that all is possible and that we should believe in our team. We accomplished such a great idea and app within five days.

What's next for Custom Field Suite

We have an extensive roadmap and many ideas: Select list with an option to create new entries, Min/Max values, Currency, Decimal numbers, Traffic light...

Also, we will add an option for our customers to write their use cases, announce the best ideas, and release them with the next app version.

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