The idea originally steamed from the annoyance of having to create a variety of different CVs for different job adverts, having many different item I could put on my CV, but some more applicable for different job adverts

The reason to do it now, at Student Hack VII, is since many will be in similar situations, applying for jobs in final year or placements in second year (or thinking to in first), then to add onto that many here will likely have other projects in different areas either from personal experimentation or hackathons. Due to this the target audience our ideal is to introduce attendees of StudentHack, which hopefully can use it at the end.

What it does

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) allows the user to create an account, add their items (education, projects, etc) and generate a cv based on tagged skills they put on every item.

How we built it

We originally were going to create it completely in React, although due to issues we split the front and backend up, being a MongoDB Database connected to a NodeJS server supplying endpoints to a React front-end.

Challenges we ran into

Learning React for the first time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting React working? Learning about and using some open source components in React without have to spend too much time in CSS... and it not being Bootstrap.

What we learned

Sleep is good... and React

What's next for Custom CV

The next big feature from the MVP would be quick signup with LinkedIn, supplying the website with all the user data needed to be used instead so the user does not input them manually.

Beyond that is a jobs analyses, where a user would supply a link, then it would take you to the generation page with re-filled sliders (creating a CV more applicable for that job through AI, although still being able to be modified by the user).

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