As part of my daily job as a UiPath developer I was getting lot of requirements related to extracting data from PDF controls. Our team was facing lot of difficulties in handling such kind of requirements.So I developed this custom component which is already in use within the team and resolve requirements related to control based PDF.

What it does

“ReadPDFControls” custom activity captures values from the fields by reading data directly from PDF controls along with the control name and control type. Controls like :-drop downs, check boxes, radio buttons, text field, Buttons

How I built it

“ReadPDFControls” custom activity is built on C#.NET using external assembly iTextSharp.dll

Challenges I ran into

Major challenge was to return structured output from control based PDF using control name, control type and control values.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is already being used in two processes.

What I learned

I have learned to use external assembly with NuGetPackage Explorer and class Library .

What's next for Custom Activity to Read PDF Controls

Read PDF Controls can be upgraded to define extraction of specific control type in property window in order to avoid additional information.

Built With

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