Inspired by the tab extension, Momentum, Cuse Hacks New Tab aims to inspire people to learn a little everyday by a diversity quote of the day!

What it does?

A chrome extension that displays the time, date, weather and diversity fact of the day!

How we built it?

We used JavaScript and HTML to build the chrome extension as well as the content in the chrome extension.

Challenges we ran into?

In terms of idea formation, we struggled a lot because both of us as a team could not agree on whether or not to use hardware or not (I really, really wanted the Raspberry Pi kit!) Because Technical wise, we had a problem in not being able to change the font size of the page.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

Working with new languages JavaScript, and HTML and using them to build a chrome extension.

What we learned?

Learned a lot! Learned the languages JavaScript and HTML! And learned how to participate in the hackathon.

What’s next for CuseHacks New Tab Extension?

Having clothing recommendation based on the weather of the day. Add images to the background. Having quote campaigns around social media with everyone in the world and have our editors handpick the diversity quote for the day!

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