Using Waze, we always thought it would be cool to see local events rather than traffic reports. This was the premise for this project. Why not crowd-source data for events that are happening around your local area?

What it does

Crowd-sources data for local up-to-date events and activities that are happening. Red bull truck down the street giving out free red bull? Concert down the street? Witness a robbery or traffic incident? Report it on this app and let your local community know what's going on!

How we built it

We used Flask as the main framework for this project. We first built the front end using bootstrap/html/css/js/jquery, then we routed these pages through flask in order to do some database work to keep track of the data

Challenges we ran into

None of us knew how to use Flask or sqlite, however, we did have experience in database work. The main problems we ran into was trying to link our html forms to post data to Flask so we can insert the location data into the database. We also wanted to Pull the data so it would load on first page load, unfortunately, we weren't able to get that to work in time due to time restrictions. We did; however, put some mock data and examples up on the map to get a nice visual of what was supposed to happen conceptually.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We now have a pretty good grasp on Flask within 24 hours, which is pretty cool!

What we learned

Flask, sqlite3, and Google maps API!

What's next for

Start from scratch and rebuild it from the group up with more organization so we can get a fully functional aplication working!

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