Earlier this year I became a world record holder. After 12 hours of being in the rain and ruining my socks, shoes, shirt and pants (all had to be thrown away) I had officially waited in line for Pliny the Younger at Russian River longer than any one else ever had.

Enter Curve

Curve is a product actually already has a presence in the market: allowing people to wait in a "line" without being in a literal line. You see this at restaurants in terms of those hideous vibrating discs and you see them in delis with the "Take a card" wheels. Even the DMV has its own solution to this problem. However, in the world we currently live in, why is there not a *better* solution? Why is there not a a more *personal* solution? Best of all, why doesn't every place already have this type of functionality?    

This hackathon finally gave me the incentive to try and build it. It is built on Angular, Socket.IO, NodeJS, Mongo (Mongo was mostly used because of Geolocation ease.) and hosted on Heroku. SSL is not yet set up and there are undoubtedly dozens of bugs. However, I am extremely proud of what Dan Kim and I have created.

How Does It Work?

There are two different "modes" of Curve:

  1. Places
  2. People

Places sign up with their location, name, address, and email. Right then they have a webpage and can monitor their admin page. From the admin page they can choose individuals to leave the queue and come to the front to get their service. The admin page is served in real time through websockets! Image hosting is provided by Imgur through a Mashape created API. The admin page, for now, only looks good on Desktop and iPad browsers.

When a person first visits a place's Curve they are presented with some summation information about the line. How many people are there, their expected wait, etc. People can easily sign up by giving us their first name and phone number. When this happens they are placed in the queue. As soon as the place indicates they are ready for a person they will get a text telling them that they can just show up! This flow is optimized for Mobile Browsers.

There are still hundreds of features I want to add or are currently incomplete. But I honestly believe that curve has huge potential to make a ton of market penetration.

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