What is Curve?

Never seen a bank card with an 80,000 waiting list? Meet Curve: the revolutionary new card that makes business spend as beautiful as Xero makes accounting.

Built for SMEs and Freelancers, Curve helps you spend from any of your accounts anywhere with just one smart card and an even smarter app, connected straight to Xero. Submit expenses automatically as you pay. Store receipts safely in the cloud. Track spending on-the-go. This is expensing as it should be: effortless.

The integration:

The Curve to Xero integration means that once the end-user has added their cards to Curve and connected to Xero in the app, Curve will send all business purchases straight to their Xero Organisation when the Curve card is used, complete with:

Date of purchase (DD-Month-YYYY), Merchant description, Payment reference, Amount spent (£GBP)

To get started, users can install the app on iOS and follow the order instructions. After adding their bank cards to the app and ordering a Curve card, users can securely log-in to their Xero Organisation. Once connected to Xero, users can then map each of their cards in Curve to their corresponding Accounts in Xero, and that's it - now they're connected to Xero in Curve.

How the Curve + Xero integration is helping the end-user:

SMEs still waste on average a whole day a month doing expenses. It's worth £7bn a year to the UK alone in wasted time. With this integration, Curve is helping small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and their accountants/ bookkeepers to be smarter with their money, transforming their wallets full of cards and receipts into just one card that talks directly to Xero.

  • Users never again have to worry about their business cards debit and credit cards not having a Direct Feed to Xero.

  • Clients can now spend on just one card for simple, efficient bookkeeping - no need for manual top-ups before you leave the office, too.

  • No more reconciliation errors and backtracking - Curve sends business transactions straight to Xero with all the right data, for maximum efficiency.

Challenges we ran into during the integration:

Most of Xero’s integration platforms, and Xero itself, are built specifically for "Organisations". Each of these add-ons provide one or multiple services that satisfies an Organisation's specific pinpoints. Instead, Curve provides a solution to every member of a given Organisation, which means we had to find a way of grouping these individual users. To solve this, we implemented a smart way of identifying users from the same organisation, together their roles within their Xero organisation, which allowed us to treat them as individuals and control each one of their roles to have access only to what they own.

Another challenge we ran into was choosing when to send transactions to Xero, taking into account that transactions typically have their own "lifecycle". There are many things that can happen to your transactions, and we needed to find a way of making it transparent, reflecting these actions on your bank transactions or expenses within your Xero Organisation without confusing the end-users or the system itself.

What's next for Curve + Xero?

We're looking forward to connecting to Xero's upcoming Expense module, giving users a more seamless end-to-end experience, and allowing us to better present the ongoing statuses of expenses and invoices.

Simpler spending. Effortless expenses. Beautiful accounting. Welcome to Curve and Xero - learn more at www.imaginecurve.com/xero

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