This year has been tough for everyone, for many reasons. In Brazil, specifically at amazon rainforest, there are a lot of awful wildfires going on. The biodiversity is endangered because of that. A similar situation can be found on Camp Fire's incident at California in 2018. Those events causes damages into many sectors of our society, such as in healthcare, financial and environment. Many people lose their lives, homes or beloved ones. Wildfires are hard and costful to contain, but with preemptive actions we can reduce the impact of it. Also, wildfires dry the region and makes the region to be more likely to face future fires, so preventing wildfires from happening once is also preventing it from recurring in the future

What it does

Curupira is a mythical creature from brazilian folklore. His mission is to haunt people who enter the woods to kill animals or to cut down trees! We want to help Curupira to save the forests by creating a system that analyse weather data, such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind direction and humidity from past wildfires so it can keep track of patterns that may cause them. With this data, we can monitor cities searching for these patterns. When we find something similar to the patterns analysed, we trigger a warning for that region, making it easier to take preemptive actions, which helps a lot to prevent and contain wildfires. Since we have historical data from previous events, we can also predict some of the aftermath patterns, such as temperature raising.

How I built it

The software back-end is being built in Python, with Django framework. The weather data is being gathered from Open Weather API. On the front-end, we are using mappa.js to display the world map from Mapbox provider. For improved styling, we are using bootstrap framework. You can access the code at our GitHub repo

Challenges I ran into

Wildfires are events that have diverse behaviors and impacts on every place it happens, getting to know and study that was a huge challenge! On the tech side, we had to learn a lot of technologies and tools that are out of daily scope, so we needed some time to process that information and apply it to the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Since we had different background and expertises in the team, all members were able to learn new technologies and how to apply them in real world projects.

What I learned

Mainly, that the impact of a wildfire goes way beyond than nature. We were able to know new technologies, such as consuming APIs, plotting maps and creating a system from scratch. Also, we improved our presentation skills, learning how to display our ideas and retain audience attention.

What's next for CURUPIRA

Creating visually pleasant graphics and get to know ways to better predict wildfires occurence and the consequences of them. Also, find a way to link data between instances and how to distribute it to the society.

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