A zeal to contribute for world climate change. We wanted to find a solution to increasing global warming problem by trying to relate it with day to day activities that a normal person does. How each person can mend his ways on electricity and device usage , that will directly contribute to Global Warming problem reduction.

What it does

Many people now a days use a lot of electronic gadgets, we are mostly ignoring on the electricity consumed by these devices. This actually affects the life time of these devices directly resulting in a lot of e-waste. E-Waste is major contributor to CO2 emission which increase the global warming rate. So we have come up with an idea for app called Appliance Auditor, that monitors how much electricity each household wastes on excessive charging and other ways of device usage. Giving an weekly report of electricity wastage will alarm users and motivate them to use their devices in a good way. This will increase the longevity of the device directly reducing the E-Waste. Which then reduces the Co2 emission which is major contributor to global warming. This app will definitely bring across a change in user behavior with the devices. As many people will start to follow this, it will actually help in reducing the Co2 emission reducing the global warming. Meaning a more years of prosperous natural surroundings!!

How I built it

This is an app idea that is yet to built.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding the way E-Waste relates to the device usage longevity. Also on collecting data to support the statistics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud to be taking part in a hackathon for the first time. Also about the way we were able to contribute to the Climate Change.

What I learned

More details on how the E-Waste is contributing to Global Warming and CO2 emission.

What's next for Curtain Energy Usage By Gadgets its effect on Climate Clock

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