The inspiration we got to create our app was that I have seen that a major problem in our school is many people do not know how to write cursive. Many teachers have stopped teaching kids how to write cursive because they think it will not be useful in life but they're wrong. You will need cursive to sign important files and documents and it also looks nice and professional.

What it does

The app shows steps on how to write each letter and gives you the option to redo it as many times as you wish. It shows an example of both capital letter and lowercase letters.It also gives you a better and bigger view of the letter.

How we built it

Cursive writing A-Z was made using the Mit app inventor.

Challenges we ran into

There were a few challenges we ran into when making our app. One of the challenges were the limited amount of screens that we were allowed to use before the app began to lag. The quality of are app is pretty good. It is simple and understandable. The people can easily learn cursive with are app we give them a good example of every letter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The things we can improve and are proud of about are final project is the way it looks on the phone and make better working space when it comes to writing and also the image we give. We learned several things when creating our app, to include brainstorming, problem solving, design, debugging, and programming. We learned how to start an app, for example, how to connect and program our apps features and buttons using the blocks which is the backbone of the MIT App Inventor program.

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