who wants to play snake 2.0


you can play in:

  • easy mode: gyroscopic phone controls for the snake
  • normal mode: typing game (shuts your pc down if you fail)
  • hard mode: drink beer to move in a direction; this involves the use of tin foil, cups, an esp 32 and, some of the finest blue tack work you will ever see

View the repo! https://github.com/stewartHutchins/cursed-snake


Hackathons are the home of cursed programs; why not make the most cursed and, unplayable game ever. This was our modus operandi. Gyroscopic control sounds silly.... That is when the controllers for snake spiralled.


The Snek Server

Python: Flask, matlib and, a mostly functional set of model code.

Gyro Snake App

Java: Jsoup, androidx, ...

Typing Game

Based off of s&*$%de linux. Mistype, you die. In this case it turns your machine off so that testing could be safe.

C: pthread, cmake



  • cups
  • tinfoil
  • fluid, we recommend beer (optional)
  • wires
  • esp32
  • An James Arnott

C++: arduino

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