This is a medieval wave defense game where enemies attack the village and it is your goal to defend. We drew from medieval and mythical movies and books to decide on the setting for this game such as Lord of the Rings. We also discussed games like Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies when brainstorming ideas.

What it does

Bane, or "The Bane" has risen from its sleep and is bringing war to this good kingdom. The city the player fights in is situated in a mountain pass - Bane's army has to get through the city in order to get the rest of the kingdom. The city has been evacuated, but the city is to be held by one person - the player, who is a Dalenara, a member of a very powerful race of beings whose purpose is to help defeat Bane if he ever rises. You make your final stand, and you die a heroic death.

How we built it

This project was started on August 3rd by Joshua Forrest and Michael Paquette. It was made between August 3rd, 2016 and August 18th, 2016. This game is built in the Unity game engine, programmed with C#. Mr. Forest has supplied Mr. Paquette, with songs and sound effects to use. He has also played a very big role with ideas and plot themes. He has described in great detail a story and events that could occur. Due to the time constraints of the game jam, we will be unable to make a "Campaign" like game and have made an infinite wave defense game. Mr. Paquette assembled 3D models from the asset store and Some models such as the hands for the fireball attack, were modeled by Mr. Paquette in blender. Mr. Paquette scripted all the objects to talk to one another and designed the levels in Unity. No money was put toward the creation of this game, all assets were free and used under Creative Commons licensing.

Challenges we ran into

Optimization for VR. Because the graphical computations are significantly more expensive than a traditional PC game, we had to learn how to optimize rendering of game objects and lighting and limiting the number of AI in scenes at any given time because path finding is an expensive process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Multiple enemy types and an increasingly intense game play. We are proud that we were able to achieve quality graphics and maintain a fluid frame rate.

What we learned

We learned about using tools inside unity such as animations and animator controllers, animation events, navigation meshes and agents, and custom UI. We learned how to narrow down the seemingly infinite amount of ideas to focus on core game mechanics that could be accomplished in the given time frame.

What's next for Curse of Bane

This project was designed specifically for the game jam. We are undecided as to continue this project or to focus on new ones. Regardless this has been a wonderful experience to practice development for the HTC Vive

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