College life is very different than before, and it is stressful for new students because they don't know what to do at first. You need to choose what courses to take. There are so many courses, and some are required for graduation. Checking graduation requirements and prerequisites of classes are confusing. School's general curriculum guides don't have specific course lists and suggestions. Also, visiting advisors are not easy. Their schedules are always full, your meeting time is limited. Even more, your plan often goes wrong because there are time conflicts between classes or classes fill out before your registration dates. However, what if there are pre-designed path recommendations to help you find courses without visiting advisors? What if there are curriculum path trees that help you find what to take if your plan goes wrong? This will save so much time for both advisors and students.

What it does

  • Online Curriculum Paths Students will have access to curriculum guides that are pre-designed by advisors. Each path will focus on a specific topic, and students can choose which they are interested in. There will be general guides for students who don't know their interests yet.
  • Tree Design Tree design will help students to know the prerequisites and the difficulty of classes. Students won't have to open multiple web pages to check prerequisites. Also, some classes don't have prerequisites but recommended classes to take before. This simple tree design will help with it.
  • Linking Course Offers Even though you have plans, you still need to open multiple web pages and go back and forth to find which classes/sections are available. However, linking the course offer lists to MyCurriculum will help students see/register the available slots.


Used for the UI prototype and PHP/SQL for the backend prototype.

What's next for MyCurriculum

We still need to build the frontend and more features in the backend. Also, the data can be imported from the school database, so we need access to the database or imported datasets.

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