We wanted to do something oriented around school/work, since thousands of people are returning offices and schools, and realized that a lot of opportunities like college programs and internships were shut down because of COVID-19, making it a lot harder for students to do extra things that they like doing, or want to do so they have a better chance at going to a good college, which is why we made Currico.

What it does

It takes in your location and interests and finds hand-picked businesses, colleges, or companies that could help you pursue your interests, making it a lot easier for students to find oppurtunities not just during this pandemic, but for years to come.

How we built it

We used html and css to build the website, and used javascript to code in the Google Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

It was really hard to code in the Google Geocoding API, and we ran into a lot of small problems, so we weren't able to get that integrated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build the entire website and get atleast the Google Maps API.

What we learned

We learned a lot more about html and javascript, and we might be able to use the GMaps API in the future for any other projects.

What's next for Currico

Currico's next steps are being able to take your location and show you important places around you, be able to actually use your interests to narrow down the list, and also it should be able to give you a lot more information about each place.

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