We often find that despite the "Information Age", the quality and relevancy of the information that we encounter everyday isn't as always at the high standard that we hold it to. We want to provide those who use our services with high quality, easy to read/understand, and relevant information.

What it does

On our website, consumers can watch our real-time graphs and use the free ML software that will predict how well the currency will do in the next 24 hours. Our site also provides a currency converter, that will convert any amount of any currency.

How we built it

We used php and javascript for frontend, and python to predict currency fluctuations.

Challenges we ran into

When we first began working, we chose to create an app. Unfortunately, since none of the team knew how to build an app, many hours were spent with Android Studio attempting to create something that was visually stunning and functional.

What's next for CurrentSee

Improvement of its software and prediction algorithm

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